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"As a small business owner, I was looking for creative ways to increase our companies exposure and choose the path of videography. After an exhaustive search, we found Caleb! He has since become our "go to" with many of his video edits gaining us world-wide exposure and bookings.

Should anyone be interested in utilizing his services I can list a few points that convinced us to hire him:

  • He took the time to listen and understand our vision before constructively inserting his opinion. This made each project more like a collaboration, which produced a better result.
  • The, shoot : edit : revision : final product, involved seamless communication and quick turn-arounds.
  • He was just a cool guy. Very laid-back but with a laser focus in regards to our projects."

- Gregory, Sound Caterers

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"I'm not going to bury the lead in this review. Caleb's work, work ethic, service, and rapport are all fantastic. I have worked with Caleb on a half a dozen projects and I have never been anything less than impressed.

Firstly, his final product is high quality. He is an expert in lighting and editing and constantly brings new ideas to every shoot. From stop motion to different shot angles, he is able to help our team tell a simple yet compelling story. He is also fast without cutting corners. I've worked at agencies and worked with agencies and Caleb's turnaround time puts agencies to shame (we are talking days not weeks). I highly recommend working with Caleb Hargett if you are looking for high quality work done quickly."

- Joe, Brazen

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"Caleb is a hard-working, passionate videographer for our company, Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters. He is highly diligent, responsive and his turnaround time is the fastest I've ever experienced. I love Caleb's sense of professionalism and work ethic. Caleb has brought in tons of business with his videography, and has even created a new type of video for us - a "boomerang" video, but with sound. We've loved working with him and hope to continue to do so!"

- Chase, Commonwealth Joe

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"Caleb created an amazing mini video for me and my husband on our wedding day. The video captures the entire spirit, energy, and aesthetic of our wedding. It is filled with light, love, and movement. We asked Caleb to focus on the important people in our lives, and he did just that. Our video is a cherished keepsake of our favorite day, and we love to watch it together still, a year later. On our wedding day, Caleb was a complete professional. He never wanted to "position us" or change what we were doing; he blended into the entire experience of the wedding and captured scenes that naturally unfolded. I would absolutely recommend Caleb to any couple wanting to document a special day. He is amazing!!!"

 - Rachel & Lautaro